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You've Got Big Plans For Your Restaurant

Realize Your Dreams with a Merchant Cash Advance

Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Today! Up To $750,000

Are you having a hard time getting funding from banks, or small business loans?

Fast Merchant Advance can provide you with the cash you need fast! We are a credit card payment processing company that provides merchants with fast cash advances based on future credit card transactions.

Here are some reasons to apply today:

  • Your approval chances are MUCH HIGHER as compared to other sources of funding.
  • No collateral required.
  • Approval in as little as 24 hours.
  • Fast Cash – Funds are usually available within 72 hours.
  • No fixed payment amount. (The amount varies according to your credit card processing volume)
  • No fixed payment schedule. (Typically merchant cash advances are paid off in about 6 – 7 months. Good performance is rewarded by additional funding becoming available.)
  • Repayment is made through a percentage of your future credit card payment receipts until the advance is fully repaid.
    (The witholding percentage depends on the amount of the cash advance taken and your average credit card processing volume.)
  • No traditional personal guarantee required.
  • The cash you receive is not reported to any credit agencies.
  • Approval is not conditional upon high credit score.
  • Bankruptcy, Liens, Foreclosures? No problem!

Its Easy to Apply

Your merchant cash advance is based on future anticipated credit card processing volume. There are no fixed monthly payments, instead a portion of your monthly credit card transactions is deducted until your advance is paid back.

Get Started

  1. Complete the quick contact form above or call us at 866-582-4953
  2. Fax your last 6 months merchant account statements to 800-475-7085
  3. Receive an offer and begin our fast approval process
  4. Funding typically received within 72 hours of approval